Q. What is your warranty policy?

A. All of our hardgood products come with a 90 day material and workmanship warranty against manufacturing and material defects. But we do offer a lifetime limited “Crash Replacement” warranty where the original owner can send the frame back to the place of purchase at their expense with a copy of their original sales receipt and purchase a new frame for 1/2 off of the current retail. It covers dents and dings caused by crashing, hitting the gate etc… basically anything that you did to the product while enjoying the ride. So if you jumped the gate and dented your down tube, threw your bike at the skate park and smacked the top tube on the coping, you will not get a free frame or anything but we will offer you a discount to replace your abused frame with a new one. Each case is handled on a 1 on 1 situation so please  e-mail sxaustralia@supercrossbmx.com for details or if you have any questions.

Please note that our warranty only covers products purchased in Australia, you will need to provide proof of purchase. Protect yourself, buy local.

Q. What do I clean my anodized frame with?

A. Here’s some Tips from Bill Ryan at Supercross BMX:
Treat it like any anodized Aluminium part, clean with soft cotton cloths, use a mild detergent and warm water to clean and Mothers Anodized Aluminum (Wheel Cleaner ) cleaner or polish for the extra glint.

The new Microfiber Towels are also great, nothing abrasive though.

Q. Do your frames utilize the intergrated headsets?

A. Yes all of our frames use a Campy compatible integrated 45/45 headset.

Q. What size seatposts do the frames take?

A. All of our race frames now take a 27.2 seatpost. Chromo frames like the UL, RCR and early Bolt frames used a 26.8 seatpost, however that changed to 27.2 from the 2011 Bolt LTs.

Q. What size seatclamp do I need?

A. Any of the frames in the PRO size and larger take a 1 1/4″ ( 31.8mm) clamp, anything smaller than a PRO takes a 1″ ( 25.4mm) clamp. The Bolt LT, R-CR and UL series have always had an integrated seatpost clamp.

Q. What is the width of the BB shell?

A. All of our current frames use a 68mm shell and a 43.5mm chainline.